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Explore, Customise and Integrate Machine Learning

models with your phone and edge applications

Platform Purpose-Built to Power Intelligent Edge Apps

Our edge-engine is a highly optimized framework that runs all types of machine learning models in your phone apps with just two lines of code.

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Highly Secure

Saves Time

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IOS & Android


Model Recommendations

Quick Integration

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Edge-engine is a simple yet powerful interface to port ML models to phone devices. It automates the underlying hardware utilization and switches between CPU/GPU when required to give maximum throughput.

Use Cases



Comprehensive Security

EdgeStore introduces edge-encrypt, an ideal framework to securely encrypt and protect intellectual ML models before uploading them to the marketplace.

State-of-the-art Encryption

No Performance Loss

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Countless Disciplines

Edge Store builds the largest marketplace

of machine learning models for Image, Video, Text and Audio applications

Satellite Imagery



Natural Imagery

Our Clients

Why companies like Edge?

Seamless integration

Our team was struggling porting a human pose estimation model to my Android app. It was quite time taking with Tensorflow lite, then used Edge store that saved a ton of time for me and made the whole process quite seamless.


Umer Farooq

CTO, Revolve AI

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