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Our Approach to Edge Store

Why Edge Store?

Our mission is to make AI deployment on mobile and edge devices simple and cost efficient. Moving business logic from server to user devices greatly reduces cloud overhead. The main problem that companies and developers encounter is expertise required to create, optimize, and run an AI model on edge devices. Our store simplifies this process by providing state of the art models and SDKs that run any model in few lines of code.

Our Store

Our store helps you find most compatible models for your needs. This means that you don't have to spend expensive resources and time collecting and validating data and hire experts to train models on that data. We provide all the models with option to test model before you buy on our website by simply clicking the try now button on model page. We believe in transparency and you getting the best value for your buck. We also have App on play store and App store that can be used to test any model you purchase on mobile devices.


Running AI models on mobile and edge devices is a time consuming task and involves steps such as preprocessing input, post-processing output, tuning parameters etc. This is further complicated because tuning parameters are both model and device dependent. Our SDK makes this process very simple by doing all the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. The result is that you can focus on business logic rather than its implementation and optimization.


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